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Do I have to be local to the Northern KY, SW IN, SW OH area to work with you? Expand
No, you do not need to be local to work with me. We will meet either via Zoom, on by phone.

Do you save sample sites? Expand
Yes I do! Please contact me if you would like to see sample client sites.
How long will my project take? Expand
Generally 3+ weeks, up to 6 weeks.

Who owns the website once it’s paid for? Expand
While my designs are custom to your business and the content and page structures are developed by following a thorough and proven process, the website files, pages, and content are all the property of the client once paid in full. Should you need to take your site elsewhere for whatever reason in the future, you have the freedom to do so.

Do you build mobile-friendly sites? Expand
Yes. My websites are designed to automatically resize depending on the device it is getting viewed on as well as offer mobile-only feature buttons so that phone viewers have shortcuts to high priority areas.

Will I lose Google ranking if I redesign or redevelop my website? Expand
I will work to ensure best practices in both content and structure so that every opportunity to maintain and even improve your rankings are realized. Most importantly, I will remap pages to the new addresses via a process called 301 redirects. This ensures the history and respect you’ve earned in Google over the years will redirect to your new pages.

Will our website show up high in Google? Expand
The websites I create follow Google’s best practices and be relevant to your targeted audiences to help build greater connections.

How do I respond to negative reviews Expand
That’s a great question! Unfortunately it does happen. I have an article on “Handling GBP Negative Reviews”. I you have further questions just contact me.